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Tips When Buying A Home

  • Be sure to ask your realtor what fixtures and furniture are being sold with the house. Questionable items should be itemized in the purchase contract.
  • Try flushing the toilets when house shopping. Chugging drains and running water could be plumbing problems.
  • Fixing a home's foundation can be one of the more expensive repairs, so be on the lookout for things like dampness in the basement.
  • The average bathroom remodel costs $10,500. They also have the highest return on investment — about 102 percent.
  • New homes can cost about 20 percent more than existing homes.
  • Three considerations when choosing a home are price, location and condition.
  • A typical midrange kitchen remodel costs nearly $44,000 and can bring a return of about 90 percent.
  • Ask about lead paint or asbestos in older homes.
  • Tree roots can crack a driveway.
  • Talk to homeowners in the neighborhood you're interested in for more information about the area.
  • Studies of magnetic field exposure from power lines show little evidence of an association to increased health risks.
  • A nice view can easily add value of a home, so make sure your home's view is not in danger of being obstructed by future construction.
  • Buyers should look for loose railings or steps on porches and decks.
  • Keep a measuring tape handy when touring potential homes to determine if your furnishings will fit.
  • Always consider any non-negotiable costs associated with a property such as homeowners' association dues or condo fees.
  • Banging from air in pipes along with sediment or rusty water is common in homes that have been unoccupied.
  • Keep in mind that older appliances often aren't as energy-efficient as newer ones.
  • Because they are quite porous, make sure stone floors are sealed for easy cleanup and stain resistance.
  • Take copious notes of unusual features, colors and design elements.
  • Check around the damper in the fireplace to make sure it is tightly sealed and that outside air is not leaking in to the house.
  • Turn on all kitchen appliances to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Ask the seller to provide a home warranty to cover faulty HVAC, wiring, plumbing or appliances.
  • An unlevel floor may indicate a foundation problem such as settling, rot or termite damage.

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